Working in conjunction with your physician or sleep medicine specialist, Executive Dental Arts offers several alternatives to CPAP machines, including the TAP-3 appliance and silent sleep appliance therapies.

CPAP Intolerance – CPAP is a machine using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  It consists of facemask, headgear and flexible hose running to the machine.  CPAP is very effective form of treatment but unfortunately many patients find this machine very uncomfortable to wear and sleep at the same time.  If you are one of those patients, please call Executive Dental Arts for you FREE initial consultation at (240)242-4737.

An apnea refers to a period in which the soft tissue at the back of the mouth collapses while you sleep.  When air flow becomes obstructed like this, breathing stops, often for ten seconds or longer.  A person with sleep apnea may experience these apneas hundreds of times throughout the night resulting in Oxygen depletion to the brain.  Many people who have sleep apnea are unaware of a problem other then snoring.

Sleep Apnea and decreased oxygen flow to the brain can have many negative side effects such as daytime fatigue, stress, memory loss, headaches, migraines, depression, elevated blood pressure and even heart attack.

Treatment options:

  1. CPAP machine – effective but not very comfortable for your sleep
  2. TAP
  3. Somnomed appliances (FDA-approved).  Somnomed sleep appliance is made from thin, flexible material that forms to the contours of your mouth.  This appliance is very comfortable and very effective in treating snoring.

    Research studies on OSA have shown that for mild/moderate apnea the mandibular advancement devices reduce the apnea level to normal for many patients.  The patients with severe OSA may or may not be good candidates for oral appliances.  If You feel tired all day long, irritable, or snoring, please call Executive Dental Arts for your complimentary initial consultation about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).