Dental Implant Special

We are offering dental implant for a Flat fee.
ONLY $3,200
Procedure includes:
Dental Implant + Custom Abutment (Post) + Porcelain Crown

Offer Expires 04/30/2024

If you’ve been considering taking a step forward in improving your life through Rockville dental implants, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Executive Dental Arts, the area’s most trusted and elite service for cosmetic dentistry and related procedures. When it comes to your smile, the obvious problem of broken or missing teeth can be one that affects more than your dental health, but impairs your confidence and ability to let the true you shine through in social or professional situations.

In the past, a patient with a lost or missing tooth had to rely on measures such as crowns, partials, and dentures to help create an aesthetically pleasing smile. In addition, these solutions provided a functional and natural prosthetic alternative that didn’t limit the patient’s ability to eat, drink, and live life freely. The down side is that they are not permanent, and the possibility of dentures falling out at an inopportune moment or losing a crown while eating a hamburger is a very real possibility.​

With the popularity of Rockville dental implants, all that has changed, providing more alternatives for patients of all ages suffering from the embarrassment or inconvenience of lost or missing teeth. At Executive Dental Arts, we’re experts in the procedure, which is nothing more than a prosthetic tooth implanted into your jaw using a titanium post. Over time, the industrial-strength titanium fuses with your jawbone, giving you the appearance of having perfectly maintained natural teeth. The solution is a permanent one, and ultimately, one of the most cost-effective.
Call today, and see how we can help you design the perfect smile!